Program Policies and Procedures

For more information, please call the ECSD office at (207) 451-9334.

ECSD Program Policies

Table of Contents
I. Registration policies
II. Payment policies
III. Cancellation policy
IV. Participation guidelines


1.1 Registration process

It is very important to register for activities well in advance of the program or event in
order to reserve your spot and ensure that staff can plan for the correct number of
participants. For specific registration policies visit our registration page.


2.1 Refunds

Full refunds or credits will be granted upon request in the event that a program is
cancelled by ECSD. If a refund is requested a check for the refund amount will be mailed
within two weeks. Participants who wish to cancel their registration before the program
starts will be charged a $5 administrative fee for a refund request (there is no charge for a
credit request). Refunds are not given once a program has started. If a participant registers online, ECSD will refund the program fee only. The service fee charged by our online software, Active, will not be refunded.

2.2 Returned checks

There is a $15 penalty for any returned checks. This payment, along with payment for the
program must be submitted to the ECSD in cash or with a bank check. No participation in
any programs will be permitted until full payment is made.

2.3 Scholarships

The ECSD has designated scholarship money for residents of Eliot who wish to
participate in one of the department’s sponsored activities and/or summer programs.
Scholarships are available to individuals and families of Eliot that demonstrate a financial
need. Applications and applicants’ names will remain confidential. Partial funding from
York Hospital assists the department with providing scholarships.

2.4 Payment plans

Payment plans may be arranged in special situations. All requests for payment plans must
be arranged in advance and approved by the Director or Assistant Director. A $10.00 per
week late fee will be charged when payment plans are not followed. This fee will be
added to the amount due if payment is not received within five business days of the due


3.1 Inclement weather

If a program is cancelled due to inclement weather, the ECSD will make every attempt to
contact each participant in the program. Participants should also check the ECSD Web
site home page, ECSD Facebook page or tune in to Channel 6. If school is
cancelled or released early, the ECSD will not hold any programs.

3.2 Low enrollment

On occasion, programs or events are cancelled due to low enrollment. If you have
registered for an activity that is cancelled due to low enrollment, an ECSD staff member
will contact you. You will be issued a full refund of the registration fee or you may
choose to credit your ECSD account for the full amount to be used toward future program


4.1 Age requirements

Age requirements must be adhered to for a variety of factors, including participant safety,
child care ratios, age-appropriate programming and program times. Children must meet the specified age and/or grade requirements sometime during the course of the program in order to participate. In some cases, a program may have a cutoff date for eligibility. Please read program descriptions carefully. Parents of children attending private or alternative schools may be asked by the department to verify the grade in which their child is enrolled with a letter from the school endorsed by an administrator and/or submit a birth certificate to the ECSD.

4.2 Siblings of registered participants

Parents are welcome to bring siblings to observe their son or daughter’s program;
however, siblings are expected to remain with their parents during the activity and
parents are expected to supervise their children’s behavior. The staff overseeing the
activity should be able to focus on the group they are working with at all times to ensure
participants’ safety, effective teaching and supervision, and fun.

4.3 Parent participation

Parents/guardians are encouraged to come and help the group. We encourage parents/guardians to assist the staff in conducting activities. Please make sure you and/or your child are prepared for a program. This includes being on time, having the necessary equipment (if applicable), and becoming familiar with the program schedule.

4.4 Behavior

Behavior of a participant that is deemed inappropriate by the Community Service
Department will result in the removal of that participant from the event, program, league,
class or trip. In the case of activities that span more than one day the ECSD reserves the
right to suspend the participant for the remainder of the program. Refunds will not be
given in situations involving suspensions from an event, program, league, class or trip.
All disciplinary actions will be reported to the Director and kept on file at the ECSD
office. All youth-related incidents will be communicated to the parents of all children
involved in the incident.

4.4.1 Program participation behavior policy and suspension guidelines

Minor violations
Minor violations include but are not limited to:
· Failure to follow staff directions; misuse of equipment; speaking out when staff
members or other participants are talking; use of foul language
Staff will give a child who misbehaves three chances to participate successfully in the
day’s activities. Children who are having a difficult time following behavior guidelines,
listening to directions or interacting with the staff and peers will be asked to have “down
time”. The goal of “down time” is to allow a child to leave a difficult situation and
quietly reflect on his or her behavior. The child will be given a specific location to sit and
time will begin when the youth has successfully left the group and is seated in that
location; time will not begin if the youth is trying to argue with a staff member. Staff will
never require a child to sit facing into a corner or any other humiliating position. Staff
will not engage in a discussion about the behavior until the youth has had an opportunity
to reflect. After giving the child time to reflect, a staff member will discuss the situation
with the child and ways to avoid the same difficulty in the future. As soon as a child can
complete all of the above steps, he or she will be allowed to rejoin the group.
Disciplinary action:
· First violation—Down time and verbal warning
· Second violation—Down time, written warning, and parent meeting
· Third violation—Suspension for the rest of the day and the next program day
Once an individual is suspended he or she will be put on a suspension list for one year’s
time. Subsequent suspensions will follow the disciplinary actions of major violations.
Major violations
Major violations include but are not limited to:
· Fighting; excessive verbal or abusive language; unauthorized entry into restricted
Disciplinary action:
· First violation—One week suspension
· Second violation—Suspension of one month or the remainder of the program
· Third violation—Suspension of six months or the remainder of the program
Any major violation as listed above shall be reported in writing to the Director. The staff
on duty shall take immediate disciplinary action at the time of the violation.
Violations of the law
This includes, but is not limited to:
· Criminal threatening; criminal mischief (damage to facility, furnishings, grounds
or personal property); theft; intoxication; sale or possession of drugs, alcohol or
related paraphernalia; assault; false fire alarms; criminal trespass; sex-related
Disciplinary action:
Any violation of the law shall be reported to the Eliot Police Department to be handled at
its discretion. Return to ECSD programs will be determined on an individual basis under
the recommendation of the Eliot Police Department.